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Hirsch No-Allergy Watch Bottom

Hirsch No-Allergy Watch Bottom

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Another innovative product from HIRSCH, this unique accessory is the Hirsch No Allergy Watch Bottom.

If you have always been allergic to some metals in watches, these covers will act as a buffer between your skin and the watch itself so that you will not have an allergic reaction with the watch.

Contents are as follows:

  • The SMALL (MIXED) version features 20 pre-punched circular coverings of various smaller diameters (4 × 8mm, 4 × 12mm, 4 × 16mm, 4 × 20mm, 4 × 23mm).
  • The LARGE (MIXED) version features 10 pre-punched circular coverings of various larger diameters (1 × 20mm, 3 × 25mm, 4 × 30mm, 2 × 35mm).
  • The UNPUNCHED version is a blank 105mm² sheet, allowing you to freely cut out your own coverings at an appropriate size - ideal for use with square, rectangular or oval watches.

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