About Us

Finding the right replacement watch strap can be tricky and we noticed that our main storefront, WatchObsession, had an inventory that was growing increasingly diverse. To make life easier for our customers, we made a website focused on our highly popular flagship selection of Hirsch Watch Straps so that those who know and trust the quality of Hirsch are able to browse with ease.

HS by WatchObsession provides the same exceptional service as WatchObsession, itself regarded as some of the best amongst the watch enthusiast community. You can have every confidence when placing an order with us that your order will be processed efficiently and accurately. 

Our collection of Hirsch Watch Straps is one of the most comprehensive in the business and kept up to date with the latest styles and sizes. Our established relationship with Hirsch, coupled with our large and enthusiastic clientele ensure a constant flow of fresh stock coming through our warehouse.

We hope that you will enjoy a pleasant shopping experience as you search for your new watch strap. Should you need any assistance with your purchase then please direct your enquiry to us through our Contact Us page.