Leather Care

Leather is one of the noblest and at the same time most versatile materials. Man has been using it for thousands of years. As a natural product, leather is, however, subject to environmental influences and thus to an ageing process - even when treated with traditional procedures to make it durable.

The Rembordé production technology patented by Hans Hirsch joins upper and lining leather seamlessly and ensures a quality standard for which HIRSCH leather bracelets are renowned the world over. This HIRSCH quality meets many physical requirements, such as tensile strength, suppleness, resistance to perspiration, colour fastness or water resistance and makes HIRSCH leather bracelets much more long-lasting than traditional watch straps.
And yet – sweat, hand cream, perfume and other influences may wash out the tanning agents and thus reduce the bracelet’s quality.

Protect your bracelet and give it a long life!
Regular care of your bracelet can extend its life. Rinse the bracelet under lukewarm running water and then dab off the water with a cotton cloth. Or let the bracelet dry on your wrist. Please note. The hides used for HIRSCH bracelets do not require any application of grease – such as shoe cream, for example. Using shoe cream or dubbin on your bracelet may trigger undesired chemical reactions with the tannins which could lead to a loss of quality.