HIRSCH Warranty

HIRSCH guarantees the wear of each Hirsch bracelet for at least one year

Leather is beautiful, not least because it is a living material. A natural products of this kind will show normal signs of wear after a time. The only way to avoid this is to do without leather altogether. Our precise treatment of leather, our many years of production know-how, the careful selection of very special, suitable material and not least our craftsmanship and love of detail are the advantages that allow us to guarantee all our customers that they will be able to wear their bracelets for at least one year.

HIRSCH Quality System
Strict criteria, precise checks of materials and assessment of suppliers, as well as stringent production inspections are the pillars of the outstanding reliability that has been HIRSCH's trademark for generations. Both external and in-house inspections ensure the high quality of all HIRSCH products.

The certification according to ISO 9001 is more than a compulsory exercise. Our customers worldwide justifiably rely on the quality standards that HIRSCH sets in the production of bracelets.

Perfected production technologies and centuries of experience in the processing and refinement of leather are guarantors for quality and functionality that exceeds "conventional" bracelets by far:

Every HIRSCH leather bracelet is ...

... remborded
The Rembordé technology invented, patented and continuously developed further by HIRSCH, joins upper and lining leather without any seam. HIRSCH bracelets are thus perfectly protected from external influences, highly resistant to wear and very long-lasting.

... sauna-tested
Sweat is genuine leather’s biggest enemy! Conventional bracelets often become brittle after a short while or break even! HIRSCH bracelets, however, are sauna-tested. Even the combination of heat, moisture and perspiration does not harm them. They stay in shape, remain supple and pleasant to wear. A long-lasting adornment for any watch.

... water-resistant
HIRSCH bracelets are not at all afraid of water! They are generally water-resistant and dry more quickly than conventional bracelets. Even if they get wet, their visual appearance, suppleness and functionality are by no means impaired.