Hirsch Leonardo Curved End Fitting Guide

Achieving this sporty look is made possible with the Hirsch Leonardo range. In this guide we will walk you through how to fit these straps to your watch.

Many people do not fully understand how these straps work and without having the strap in your hand, it can be hard to visualise it. What makes these straps great is their micro adjustment and universal fit, making them compatible with a lot of watch cases. Concealed within the watch lug end of the strap is a small plastic insert which has two spring bar holes. It is this small piece of plastic that can be removed and rotated to adjust the spring bar position. You can now fine tune the spring bar position of the watch strap to suit the position of the spring bar holes on the lug of your watch. This may take a few attempts and some trial and error but once you have the position for one side of the strap, the other side should be the same.

Firstly, it is always good practice to tape up the lugs of your watch using masking tapes to prevent scratches when trying to fit any strap.

To remove the plastic insert from the strap, you will need to apply some force to slide it out using a Spring Bar Tool. We recommend sliding the insert out from left to right as shown in the image.

Once you removed the plastic insert, you will see that it is numbered on the sides. We have included a key at the bottom of this page that shows the position of the lug holes when the plastic is inserted in that specific position. Reinstall the plastic insert by pushing it back in to the strap from right to left. Be sure that the insert is in just past the line of the leather otherwise this could mark the lugs of your watch.

Next you will need to put the spring bars in to the strap. Remember, there will be two different spring bar holes so be sure to put the spring bar back in to the correct hole. No need to worry about sourcing spring bars because we include the correct size spring bars with every strap purchase.

Now you have correctly slotted the spring bar in, you can now fit the strap to your watch. We find the best practice is to lay your watch face down on a soft cloth. Then locate one of the spring bars in to a spring bar hole on the watch lugs. Once one of the spring bars is located, use the forked end of your spring bar to compress the spring bar and simultaneously push the strap in to position. If you have located the spring bar correctly then you will hear a feint click as the spring bar pops in to the hole.

By now, you should know if the position you have selected is right for the case of your watch. If you want to make an adjustment, either bring the strap closer or move it further away from the case then you will need to remove the strap and rotate the plastic insert to suit the adjustment you wish to make. You can also have the strap sit higher or lower in the watch case.

This diagram gives you a good idea of the position of the spring bar holes within the plastic insert based on the position. Use this diagram to fine tune the spring bar location of the insert. As you can see, there is a possible 8 spring bar locations to chose from.

Is my watch compatible with the Hirsch Leonardo straps?
These straps will suit most watches with a conventional case design. If your watch case is square/rectangular or has a bevelled edge then these straps will not fit. Also if you need a notch taken out of the strap then this will also not work.

Can I use a Hirsch Deployment with these straps?
Yes, either of the Hirsch Deployments or even our other deployments will fit these straps. Just remember that these straps all taper by 2mm from the watch end to the buckle/deployment end so order a deployment with a width 2mm narrower than the strap.